Meisha Marshall, marriage coach at Renew Mindset Coaching.
Meisha Marshall, marriage coach at Renew Mindset Coaching.
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Hi! I'm Meisha Marshall.

I help Adult Children of Divorce (ACoD) disrupt the generational cycle of divorce and build a lasting, thriving, marriage rich in love, connection, and stability.

We all dream of a happy, long-lasting marriage, but things like our parents’ divorce or our own can make it harder.

Renew Mindset Coaching specializes in uncovering the subtle patterns that often lead to divorce, providing couples with effective strategies to resolve these issues and strengthen their relationships.




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Do you...

  • Worry about finding the "right" spouse.

  • Feel like you lost your identity when your parents split.

  • Hesitate believing you can be different from you parents.

  • or more...

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Do you...

  • Find it difficult to reconcile or argue productively.

  • Struggle believing you can find happiness in your marriage.

  • Fear repeating your parents' mistakes.

  • or more...

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Do you...

  • Find it challenging to resolve negative emotions after divorce.

  • Want to end patterns that lead to divorce for future marriage.

  • Desire to make co-parenting easier?

  • or more...

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Success Stories

Male client of Renew Mindset Coaching shares success story

Corey Z.

My fiancé and I came to Meisha for Relationship Breakthrough Coaching because our wedding was coming up, and we felt like the Relationship Breakthrough Coaching with her would help us build a bulletproof, happy, and fulfilling relationship and ultimately marriage. I was interested in understanding what were the core unconscious patterns that were causing me to create sabotage and challenges in my relationship.

Since the breakthrough session I've felt lighter, happier, and more connected & understanding of my partner. The Marriage Alignment session she guided us through post breakthrough really allowed my partner and I to get on the same page with our Relationship goals for the future and we both left that session feeling incredibly happy and grateful to have gone through this experience.

I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to go through this experience and feel like any couple could benefit from this as long as they come into it with an open heart and open mind. Meisha is a phenomenal coach and guide through this experience and I highly recommend her! My partner and I are now happily married because of it!

Black female client of Renew Mindset Coaching shares success story

Daniella K.

My Husband and I received a marriage breakthrough with Meisha while we were in the process of planning our wedding. As we embarked on this journey to unity, it was truly such a blessing that we had the opportunity to work with Meisha.

We had been through couples counseling previously to work on our communication and unfortunately did not receive the results that we hoped for. After one breakthrough session with Meisha, it felt like years of challenges were released in a matter of hours!

Going through a couples breakthrough healed so much in our relationship and now has allowed us to be that couple that we always aspired to be! The couple who talks things through respectfully and lovingly to one another. The couple who is not afraid of conflict and difficult discussions because we truly know how to communicate. The couple who is ready to take on life, on the same page and in such resonance. Our relationship just became so easy!

Thank you so much Meisha!


Terry L.

Wow, transforming, a huge breakthrough in my life are just some words I can use to express how impactful Meisha and Renew Mindset Coaching has been for me.

Probably one of the best things I’ve ever invested in on improving myself and my relationships.

This is a must do approach for anyone having relationship problems, self awareness issues or in need of a program that will actually work.

Do yourself a favors and reach out to Meisha. She can change your life.


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