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Marriage coaching for engaged and married couples of divorced parents who want a thriving marriage

“The best marriages are the ones where we can go out in the world and really put ourselves out there. A lot of times we’ll fail, and sometimes we’ll pull it off. But good marriages are when you can go home and know that your vulnerability will be honored as courage, and that you’ll find support.”

Brené Brown

"Before my breakthrough, I was having difficulty in my marriage, I even moved out for about six weeks. My personal anxiety and perfectionism were affecting my expectations for others, especially my spouse. In my breakthrough with Meisha, we worked on my relationship with my mother, but the wonderful bonus result was that I let go of the responsibility for my spouse's actions as well. I was constantly worried that my spouse would get bored or annoyed with me. I tried to manage my behavior around perceived expectations he had for me. Releasing that need to please others and manage others' experience, disappeared after my breakthrough."
Amber Alford

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"Meisha's coaching experience, combined with her own experience as a mom, wife, and business owner has been the perfect blend to get myself and so many others results within our relationships. I had the fortunate opportunity to be coached by Meisha which has helped me to gain more focus, clarity, and a healthier mindset around my life. Since working with Meisha, I have built a healthier relationship with myself first and now with others! There is no question, you will get results with her! Thank you Meisha!"
Ryan Brennan

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With each short and impactful marriage coaching breakthrough, I leave my clients empowered to create the marriage they want to have; while leaving behind the things that once held them back from seeing the person they want to be in the marriage they dream to have.

What is neuro-linguistic programming (nlp)?


Your Thinking Process: The way you use senses to understand what is happening around you.

Because all of our experience, conscious and unconscious, is derived from and through our senses and central nervous system.


Your Words: The way you use language and how it influences you and those around you.

Because our mental processes are also coded, organized, given meaning and transformed through language.


Your Behavior: The way you organize your ideas and actions, which produce expected and unexpected results.

Because people interact as a system in which experience and communication is composed of sequences of patterns or programs. NLP is used in the widest possible range of situations and personal concerns. New ways of thinking, reacting, relating and living are developed from the natural abilities you have within you.

This body of work integrates several disciplines such as neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics, and systems theory.

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Every journey starts with a single step, and every step moves you closer to something. Have you ever noticed how good it feels moving in the right direction? Choose to move towards what you want. Start with a marriage coaching Breakthrough to better connect with your spouse, regain motivation, and experience achieving your dream marriage. Are you ready to begin the exciting journey to exactly where you want to go?