Want to know more about me?

It took some time for me to acknowledge the skill set and passion I have for elevating others as a marriage coach. I knew I loved entrepreneurship and, as I explored that, I was introduced to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It equipped me with mindset tools to help push through challenging obstacles, like the ones I face as a business owner. It also helped me improve my connection with others; including deepening the wonderful marriage I have with my husband. Needless to say, after my first NLP training course, I was hooked. I have now obtained my master’s certification in NLP so I can share this powerful resource and use it to help others.

I wish I could say I knew right away that I wanted to be a marriage coach. I didn’t; however, eventually, something clicked and I had a lightbulb moment and saw all the relevant connections. I’ve always been a champion for loving and committed marriages. Strong marriages are beautiful. They keep their family unit together. They demonstrate what committed love looks like amidst the ups and downs. That’s what I want for my marriage and that’s what I want for every couple I serve.

My upbringing was complicated. I grew up with two fathers. I had a stepdad and a biological father, though I didn’t see my biological father that much. My stepdad and mother divorced after 21 years of marriage. That experience hurt, and it was difficult for my family. This is the source of my desire to equip myself and others with the tools to build a strong healthy marriage. Specifically, I want to focus on marriages where one or both partners have divorced parents. It is my hope that my skills continue to bring healing to me and my family and also help others with divorced parents build loving, lasting foundations for their own marriages. It’s my goal for my clients to feel like they’re enough. I want them to discover the unhealthy patterns they learned from their parents and intentionally choose a healthier path. My goal is to equip them to be positive examples of teamwork, love, commitment, and healthy boundaries for their kids and anyone else in their circle of influence. This is the foundation of a forever marriage.